Door to Door

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This might be one of the most overlooked startup marketing techniques out there. It actually can work for digital, subscription, and physical products. Simply, go door to door and introduce yourself as the founder, creator or “insert creative name here” of your company. It's a technique that more and more companies are surprisingly turning to in order to win customers over.

But People Hate Door To Door Salespeople

Yes they do, and maybe you do too. It's no secret that through various mediums, we've built a negative stereotype of what it means to be a salesperson. But try putting it to yourself this way, you’re not going around selling, you’re going around introducing yourself and sharing what you do. That’s all. You'll be surprised by the wide variety of responses you'll get, and even though it might be a slim percentage at first, the number of people who appreciate what you do and are willing to hand over their hard-earned cash for your products or services.

When you knock on your neighbor’s door, you are approaching them not as a salesperson, but as a neighbor. You can open with this pitch:

“Hi, My name is _______. I’m your neighbor and I just wanted to introduce myself.”

As the conversation gets going, it might become natural for the topic of what each other’s profession is to surface. That’s the perfect time to introduce your brand, but don’t try to sell them. Simply show them what it is you sell during “working hours.”

Now it’s important not to do this for completely self-serving purposes. The idea is as a business owner and hopefully future leader, is that you want to become a community pillar. So this strategy is only for those of you who genuinely like your neighbourhood and want to get to know the people in it. These genuine relationships will repay you tenfold.

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